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3rd Grade Links





2D and 3D shapes

3D Shapes

Adding 3 Digit Numbers

Addition Machine

Alien Addition

Area Explorer

Ask Dr. Math

Base Ten Blocks Game

Car Wash

Collect the Ducks

Cone Crazy

Count and Compare

Demolition Division

Diaper Derby

Elapsed Time 1

Elapsed Time 2

Elapsed Time Match

Elapsed Time using calendars

Elapsed Time with Clocks

Equivalent Fractions Quiz

Expanded Form

Fireworks in the City

Fling the Teacher with Multiplication

Fresh Baked Fractions

Geometric Figures Sort

Grand Prix

How long is P.E.?

If the Key Fits

Island Chase Subtraction

Jumble Digits

Lots of

Magic Lamp

Math Baseball

Math Magician

Math Minute

Max and Molly Math Games

Measure It!

Meteor Multiplication

Minus Mission

Missing Numbers

Multiplication Grand Prix

Mystery Picture

Number Monster

Number Nut

Pizza Fractions

Pizza Party

Place Value Games

Place Value Penguins

Place Value Practice

Post the Shape

Pretzel Arm Wrestling

Reflection, Rotation and Translation

Robo Packer

Sailboat Subtraction

Scholastic Kids!

Shape Lab

Shape Mods

Shark Numbers

Similar and Congruent


Tackle Math

Talking Math Dictionary

Third Grade Skills

Three Digit Addition








Adverb Ringers

All Aboard

Bugs' Day Out

Changing Sounds


Covered Wagon Ride

Crystal Castle

Dino Hunters

Diving into Quotations

Environmental Rescue

Fantastic Flights


Fly By Contractions


Life on the Pronoun Reef

Looking for Negatives

Max and Molly Literacy Games

Monster Truck Verb Maze

Noun Dunk

Parts of Speech

Past and Future Match-Up

Plural Noun Construction

Possessive Noun Play

Pronoun Clubhouse

Pronoun Toss

Reading Schedules

Ride the Predicate Coaster

Rocket to the Moon

Scholastic Kids!

Sentence Clubhouse

Sentence Garden

Shining the Light on Adverbs


Ski Lodge Vacation


Snowman Builder

Spelling City

Subject Pathway

The Blustery Day of Adjectives

Third Grade Vocabulary Games

Title Ball

Treasure Trove